January 3, 2019

Random Target Shopping Trip!

I was not feeling all to well yesterday and I wanted to check out what was left of the Christmas clearance so I made my way into Target. I didn't expect much to be left but I still wanted to browse. My kids were not up for it because come on, I spend hours at Target and I do not leave until I have browsed and scanned almost every item there so check unmarked clearance. So, of course, I see some items that catch my eye. Deadpool Christmas boxer briefs. DEADPOOL CHRISTMAS BOXER BRIEFS! Like who doesn't want those? My teenage daughter wanted them and so she got them and of course, we grabbed a pair for the man of the house. These were originally priced at $14.99 and were marked down to $1.49. Next up, a little massager. It was not the best deal but my son wanted it and I felt like maybe the kid should get what he wanted so he can maybe give me a massage since my shoulder is still in pain. The massager was originally priced at $4.99 and marked down to $1.49. Again, not the best deal but it worked. So then I remembered I needed a new welcome doormat for the spring. I saw some cute ones and we love the color red and I scanned all of them. Two of the designs came out to be $1.29. These were originally priced at $12.99. You can't go wrong with that. The last thing were baskets. I needed a big enough basket for the blankets that all of the kids use while watching tv. I scanned a few and had no luck. The last one I scanned was marked down to $2.49! It was originally $24.99. I was so happy. I barely spent $10. I went home and immediately called the babe and sent him a picture with a breakdown as I did for all of you below. Go to your nearest Target and start scanning stuff on your Target app. You will not be disappointed. 

Woven basket regular price $24.99, clearance price $2.49

Home sweet home door mat regular price $12.99, clearance $1.29

Deadpool 2pc boxer set regular price $14.99, clearance price $1.49

Massager (not pictured) regular price $4.99, clearance price $1.49

Subtotal: $8.25
REDcard savings: - $0.41
6% sales tax: + $0.30
Total: $8.14

Saved: $65.11

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