October 28, 2019

Fun game ideas for couples!

Relationships are hard work. You will have your ups and downs but that's just apart of it. Both parties involved have to be fully committed and sometimes you both need to play games. I decided that it was time to create something that my partner and I could do on our drives when we go out for date night. Sometimes we tend to have very in-depth conversations. When we don't, I seem to miss them and I feel off. He's one of my closest friends, if not, my best friend. It's always great when you and your partner can lay down that boundary to separate your relationship and friendship.

I decided I was going to write some things down and play the fishbowl game. I must have cut about 100 little slips with personal and fun questions written on them.

After I wrote all of the questions, I folded them and placed them in a big envelope. I made sure I mixed them around to mix in the flirty questions and the fun and personal questions.

Not only did I do the fishbowl question game but I have also printed and cut some positive quotes and affirmations to pack with his lunch. I drew a heart and signed them with an L. I firmly believe that little things like this are what keeps relationships going. Never stop fighting even if you already have claimed their heart and they have claimed yours. You should never stop trying to date your significant other. I don't have a picture of those questions but you can check them out on my Instagram page.

Have fun and make it as personal as you can make it. Make it flirty and create sparks. Let the magic happen and just go with it. Love isn't complicated when it's genuine.

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