Family fun on a budget!

by - October 27, 2020

Holidays are around the corner and our budget has gotten tighter. So I decided that my partner and I had to come up with some fun and cheap ways to entertain our kids. 

Paint/Draw together:
    This is something I found that the kids love to do. We tend to do this and talk about our feelings. Mostly because I am in school for Art Therapy and they actually enjoy it! Painting is something they love to do and they are really good at it!

Movie Night:
    We love to watch movies with the kids that have messages. We usually have a discussion about the movie afterward and ask them what have they learned or taken from the film to apply to their life. 

Nintendo Switch:
    Who doesn't love video games? We have some great family games that we just love. We tend to break out into teams but sometimes it's parents against kids LOL. It's fun and it lasts for hours!

    We will occasionally take the kids into the city and just show them landmarks and sometimes we just walk around and take in the city. That is something we haven't done lately due to COVID however we do plan on going for some drives while staying in the car. 

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