November 3, 2023

Where have I been?

Well let me explain. I have been going through a lot. I posted an update in June which you can read here but I wanted to give you another update. I am currently working on my 5th book and I am also still focusing on myself so I can be a better woman and mother. I always tell my kids and my friends that one should always tell the truth. Why lie? What is the purpose and what are you gaining from that lie? I feel so much better since that post. I have slowly gotten out of my depression stage but I did end up having a really bad car accident 11 days after that post. I had a diabetic seizure early in the morning while driving to my parents house with my toddler in the car and we are safe by the grace of God. My car is totaled so I do not have a car at the moment but I am saving for one and I am currently trying to move closer to my parents so I won't have to commute 45 minutes when I do get another car. I'm afraid of driving again because of my fear of having another accident but other than that, I am getting better with my insulin (after a lot of fighting with my insurance). My Facebook page has become more about my poetry and so has my Instagram page but I will be incorporating my blog posts onto those pages as well as my TikTok page. I will be including my reviews on here and on my pages from the products I have been receiving from companies. I am trying to get back in the groove for all of you and get back to my couponing, my reviews, my DIY's, my recipes, and everything else!

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