August 14, 2014

New Post Changes Coming!

So I'm switching things up here at, I will still bring you coupon match ups, great deals, clearance finds, giveaways and ad previews so don't worry. But I will also do a lot more blogging about all things frugal, more recipes, DIY crafts, reviews, and just everything else a frugal mom does. I also thought about doing a weekly blogger shout out where that blogger will be a guest author for the week and post on here! How does that sound?! I think that sounds A-friggin-mazonderful (I just made that word up and I love it! haha). If you would like to be included in the "Blogs/Vlogs that I follow" list that I have featured at the bottom of the blog, then just contact me! Click on that little envelope at the top of my blog! If you are wondering where then I shall include a nice pic:
*insert sarcasm here*

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