August 14, 2014

Please Donate to Becca's GoFundMe Page-She's 12 yrs old and has cancer.

A family my cousin knows has 3 children (12,9 & 3) Their eldest was just diagnosed with cancer, which was quickly upgraded to Stage 2 just weeks after diagnosis. It is in her lungs and lymph-nodes. She is just 12! Her father is a young veteran who served 3 active tours and everywhere he has gone, funding is still unavailable. Please help this family in any way you can. Their 9 year old daughter needs school clothes and supplies and of course the normal needs of their family are always there. Let's rally around them and show them what a community can do to help their spirits! Thank you! So just click on the ribbon that is on the right and it will redirect you to the GoFundMe page to donate! Or Click here! If you live locally (A.B.E Area-Lehigh Valley) and would like to donate gift cards or anything else to the family just email me or send my cousin Shawna Green a message on Facebook, here is the link to her page-->Shawna's Facebook Page. The 9 year old is a 9/10 girly girl and very agreeable so anything helps. They already have a backpack from the hospital but are in need of any other school supplies. The patient herself is an avid reader - has a kindle so any amazon gift cards, physical books or art supplies that will keep her spirits up in the hospital are so much appreciated.

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