October 16, 2014

*Clever ideas* What to do with leftover charcoal!

Summer is gone and we have all of that leftover charcoal....You might be asking yourself this, "What can I do with all of this leftover charcoal?". DO NOT THROW IT AWAY! It can be put to good use. Below is a list of things you can do with leftover charcoal.

Use it as mulch:

  • Break into pieces (remember to break it in the bag or on a newspaper because it does stain. Spread over the soil to reduce weeds and to keep it moist. Charcoal ash contains potash, an important nutrient for some plants. It's also a great way to increase the pH of the soil.

Keep your tools from rusting:

  • Put charcoal in an old stocking or thin sock and place it in your tool box!

Eliminate fridge odors:

  • Put 2 pieces of charcoal in an empty bowl and stash it in the back of your fridge to eliminate the odors. Say goodbye to baking soda for a few weeks!
Clean the toxins from your face:

  • Charcoal also makes a great mask that pulls out toxins from your face. Just add three pieces to warm water, stir in a little honey to make a paste and then apply to your face.

Make those flowers last longer:

  • Place a lump at the bottom of a flower vase to make cut flowers last longer.

Natural air freshener:

  • Put a few pieces of charcoal in a length of worn-out pantyhose and hang it in the basement or other areas where moisture creates a musty smell – it’ll help keep air smelling fresh. Or put a piece in socks that are missing their mates and stick them in your shoes in the closet to reduce odor and mildew.

Moisture-free salt and sand:

  • If you’re going to stock up on rock salt and sand to handle winter deicing, add a couple of pieces of charcoal to the bags to absorb moisture and keep salt and sand from clumping.

And there you have it! So that open bag you have that still has some charcoal in it, make a face mask, get rid of that funky smell, fix the garden, or prevent your tools from rusting! And don’t forget to set aside a few pieces of charcoal to outfit Frosty the Snowman when he comes to town, which might be sooner than some of us would like.

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