Determining Couponing Stock Up Prices

by - October 15, 2014


New to couponing? Are you wondering what a Stock Up Price is?
  • Stock Up Price
    • When the price of an item is very low, and you are willing to buy in bulk or purchase multiple of the same item. 
    Everyone's idea of a stock up price will vary, based on their budget and needs. Personally, when an item is 75% or more below retail value after sales and coupons, I consider that to be a stock up price for myself.

    To learn more about how to find great Stock Up prices and deals, check out my YouTube video below (Link to actual video: I show you hands on how to break down deals, match coupons and determine your Stock Up Price using this weeks Hot Rite Aid deals!

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-Dara Williams
Dara LovesCoupons!

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