May 9, 2015

Shopping on a Dime! My Frugalicious Retail Shopping Trip!

When Shopping for clothes, I never pay full price. I always look for sales and shop clearance racks. My daughter and I hit the Lehigh Valley Mall and the Airport Road Shopping Center up today and our goal was to use coupons and score some great deals. I was so proud that she had her RetailMeNot App open and was checking my Ibotta for Apparel rebates. We made our rounds to Macy's first. We found some nice jogger printed pants for my daughter on the clearance rack.

 They were originally priced at $69.50 and were marked down to 50% off--or so I thought. When I got to the register I was ready to use my weekend super wow pass and it was marked down to 75% off so it rang up to $17.37! This was our first great score of the day today.

After finding this, my daughter was anxious to keep finding more goodies so we headed over to JC Penney. I had received some mailer coupons a few weeks ago that expire tomorrow. I had a $10 off
of $10 and a $10 off of $25. My daughter has been obsessing over kimono's lately so we were on a serious mission to find some. It took me 5 minutes to find 3 on a clearance rack. This frugal momma does not play when it comes to shopping on a dime!

The first transaction I did was the beige crochet kimono and the black floral kimono. The beige was originally priced at $38.00 but was marked down to $14.99 and the black one was originally priced at $42.00 but was marked down to $19.99. For these two, I decided to use my $10 off of $25 coupon. My total before the coupon was $34.98 and the total after the coupon was $24.98. I'd say this was a win/win situation.

For my second transaction, I did the single orange/beige/blue sheer kimono.

This one was her absolute favorite. This one was originally priced at $46.00 and marked down to $19.99. I used my $10 off of $10 mailer coupon and got this baby for a whopping $9.99! Ibotta has a rebate when you spend $25, you get a $5 rebate back. Yet another win/win situation! All you have to do is submit your receipt or receipts on your Ibotta app and bam! You get $5!

After we left JC Penney we decided to head out to other stores. We walked by Cotton On and saw they were having a sale. My daughter begged me to go in--I gave in.

They had a few things that were under $10. My daughter had her heart set on these shorts. We didn't have any coupons but I thought 2 for $25 was a good deal--save a few bucks one each. These are originally priced at $14.95 but were of course on sale 2 for $25 as I previously stated. If you bought only one, then it would be at the full price.

Our Next stop was Old Navy. I bought my son 3 pairs of shorts which were originally priced at $16.94 but were on sale for 40% off. They rang up at $10.17 each. I didn't get to get a picture of them because frankly I left them in the car and didn't feel like getting them *lol* (we had separate bags) I found my multi-print pants for only $12.00! These are originally priced at $32.94! This is the deal to score. 

This sale is still going so I highly recommend you head over to Old Navy and get yourself some multi-print jogger pants. They are super comfy and breathable. 

Our last stop was of course Target! SHOCKER! I can walk around here for hours but today I was tired, the kids were cranky and tired and I just wanted to find some sandals or flats and head home and relax. Again it took me about 7 minutes tops and I found my match!

I found some Sam & Libby Ashland Sandals! These are originally priced at $29.99 and were marked down to $14.98! I was so happy to find my size. I never get to find my size when I see clearance shoes. I took my sandals and headed to the register and paid with a smile on my face and walked with the kiddos to the van to head home. Thank goodness we live 5 minutes from Target. It was around dinner time and were have been out shopping since 9:00 am. 

Without all of the markdowns and coupons and rebates, my total would have been $339.15. Instead my total was $129.83 after my coupons, markdowns, rebate, and sale prices! That is a 61% savings! Do you enjoy shopping on budget? 

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