August 6, 2015

Be Simply Frugal & Stylish With Vince Camuto Shoes!

I'm all about being fashionable and stylish on a budget. I use coupons on household items and some grocery items so that I can spend money on the pair of shoes I have my eye on or the handbag I've had on my wishlist for like ever. I do however wait for those items to be on sale. I absolutely love Vince Camuto shoes. And by love, I mean I am obsessed. I seriously cut out little cute pictures of the shoes I love and pin them to my cork board/white board calendar in my bedroom like some teenager.

It's my personal reminder of what I need to save in order to spend. Does that make sense? I also budget the income that comes into the household so I know how much can be used, how much to set aside to save and what money is to be used for the bills. All that budget talk are in other posts, which you can find here and here. But for now I will get back to my shoe talk.

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These Vince Camuto Cam - Pyramid Heel Sandals were priced at $149.00. They are now priced at $59.99! That a 60% savings! I absolutely love the brown color. These would go great with nice distressed dark, above the ankle jean with a loose fitting blouse.

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These VC Signature Ronan - Plunge Peep Toe Bootie are priced at $265.00. The only ones that are on sale for a whopping $64.99 are the black suede. That's a 75% savings! This is absolute heaven for any shoe lover! These would look great with any cute evening outfit. Black does go with anything.

If you live in a place that has 4 seasons like I do, buy these shoes now and save them for next year! To check out more of Vince Camuto's Shoe collection and to see what they have on sale, just click here to head over to their website!

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