August 7, 2015

My DIY Flip-Side Mani!

Yesterday I posted a DIY flip-side mani tutorial from Julep. At the end of that post, I hinted that I might post a pic of my DIY flip-side mani. Well here it is! For the base case coat I used CoverGirl outlast stay brilliant in Forever Frosted. I applied 3 coats of this. I then applied a matte top coat from Wet n' Wild. I didn't really want a glossy look and since the matte look is in, I went for the matte look. For the flip-mani underneath my nails I used O.P.I's Ali's Big Break. This was a little messy but that's nothing a little nail polish remover can't fix.

I always used to file my nails squared but now I file them rounded. I love the rounded look. I never was fond of the pointed look that was and probably still is a trend right now (it still is a trend, I just didn't want to admit it).

Enjoy my picture collage and try your own flip-side mani! If you tried a flip-side mani, then leave me a comment below!

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