May 16, 2016

DIY Furniture Makeover!

A few years ago my parent's were driving around and found an amazing dresser that was solid wood for only $15! My dad bought it for me and into my daughter's room it went. I always had ideas on what I'd like to do with it but never acted on those ideas. Why? Because 1. the dresser was super heavy and every single time this idea hit me, my husband was never home to help me move this thing and 2. I didn't want to drive all the way to Home Depot.

That was until my daughter was sick of the dress and decided she was going to give me the dresser because she was too "old" for it now. She wanted something smaller and not brown. I gladly took the dresser and within a week, I went and bought black furniture paint, paint brushes - because mine were in storage and there are spider webs in there and I don't do spiders - and a mat to put on top of my carpet so I don't ruin my carpet.

My original idea was to paint the entire dresser but halfway through it I changed my mind and thought "I really like it like this!". I then thought that after I finished, I was going to paint the handles black but then decided against it.

The final result looks absolutely amazing! It looks like a brand new piece. Who knew that this $15 piece of furniture would look so darn cute and like I spent over $100. The paint I used was Glidden® Trim, Door & Furniture Interior/Exterior Paint in Black. This paint came highly recommended from a few friends. You don't get brush marks, no drips, and it has extra high gloss. Did I mention that has an ultra durable finish? The price for a quart is $19.97 at Home Depot. I ended up only using half of one quart instead of two. And that was with 2 coats of paint.

Did you makeover any furniture lately? If you did, I want to hear all about it!

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