June 1, 2016

GIANT Food Stores Limoncello Products Are Available Now + Enter to Win a $25 GIANT Gift Card!

Disclosure: GIANT provided these products for free in exchange for an honest review. 

I love GIANT. I could yell it in a crowded room how much I love their store and their products. If you walk into a GIANT or MARTIN's store right now, you'll see their line of Limoncello products. When I was contacted, I could not wait to try it. I was excitingly impatient. They just keep getting better and better with their 'Limited Edition' products.

Limoncello is a flavor authentically derived from Italy, where the Sorrento lemon is cultivated for its sweet and tangy flavor. GIANT has harnessed that flavor and infused in into more than 30 products found throughout the store in both the fresh and the non-perishable departments. I was lucky to have been able to try the products pictured above. I wanted to show our Memorial Day gathering. I come from a family that has a lot of active members in the military. We celebrated and honored those who lost their lives for all of us.

I made the Blueberry pancake mix but neglected to take a picture - that happens when you have hungry kids in the morning. The pancakes were so good! Just a hint of lemon with a blueberry flavor. It was like heaven in my mouth. I kind of wished I had a maple syrup with a hint of limoncello in it. Maybe next year, GIANT could do that :-)

Some of the kids and adults had the Blueberry, Flake & Granola Cereal. It was really good! Very flavorful, healthy, and crunchy. The only downside was that the cereal did get soggy but that was fine with me and my oldest. We prefer soggy cereal - don't judge.

My family and I were at my parents' house and were celebrating with some neighbors and friends. I had Limoncello Merengue cookies out on the table and the Limoncello cake that I baked and decorated. Again don't judge my cake decorating. My son liked it and said it was "awesome". Ha! The cookies were great! Soft and flavorful. As if they just came from a bakery.

The cake itself was so moist and scrumptious. I had to stop myself from eating the entire cake. I think I ate about 1/3 of the cake. I definitely will be buying a few boxes of this cake mix. I have some recipes up my sleeve. Like a Pineapple lemon upside cake, a Strawberry lemon cake, etc. Oh the many possibilities with this cake!

This was my first piece. I found it to be way too small.....which is probably why I ended up eating 1/3 of the cake.

The Lemon seltzer water was a hit. My family members are not fans of seltzer water and this just completely changed their minds. I had comments like "It tastes like Sprite but healthy", "It tastes so good, I've never had this before", "I've tasted seltzer water and it's just not good but this is great!". GIANT is doing something right. So head over and try out these amazing products before they sell out! Because once they're gone, they are gone. There is no restocking! Enter to win a $25 GIANT Gift Card by entering below!

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