September 7, 2016

Giant's Limited Apple Products are amazing!

So it's the second day of school and the kids are tired am I. I like to give my kids some snacks after school to hold them over until dinner is cooked. GIANT has the best Honeycrisp Apple products this season. I'm going to be honest, I took a look at this apple juice and thought it would taste like apple cider. Boy was I wrong! It tasted just like apple juice. The look totally threw me off. This juice lasted about a day. We all drank it and loved it! The second item featured in the photo was the mulled apple bourbon BBQ sauce. This was so good! I made a shredded beef with ham pieces the other night and used this BBQ sauce. It was amazing! I completely forgot to take pictures for all of you but take my word, it was great! The last item here was my favorite. It was the Honeycrisp Apple Granola. This granola had dried apple slices in it. We put this in our cereal, yogurt, and even on our ice cream. There were some times when I just poured some in a small cup for a snack. I went out and ended up buying 2 more bags, 1 more for the kiddos and 1 for me. If you have a GIANT near you, please try their apple inspired products before they run out! Because the pumpkin inspired will be hitting the shelves - is that a bad a thing? We love pumpkin too!

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