September 5, 2016

Is it too early to start shopping for the holiday season?

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September is the start of the new school year and for me, it's the start of shopping for the holiday season. My kids are 15 and 8 so it will be a little difficult to shop for my oldest. She's outgrown this stage but I did ask her how she like this hot toy called Lil' Rockitz. Surprisingly she said " If I was still 11 or 12, I would be playing with it! It looks so cool!" Lil’ Lockitz lets you express yourself as never before to make something truly personal, for yourself or a friend, or even for your mom to wear! Lil' Lockitz let's you create a wearable collage that tells a story, with gems, backgrounds and charms of your favorite things. You can make 10 reusable Lockitz. Wear them as a necklace, bracelet or use the keychain clasps to make clip-ons! I'm sure even my 8 year old son would love to play with this and make me some things for my keys. Lil' Lockitz includes Design Studio with storage compartments, lights and music,

Get a head start on your holiday shopping! Grab this for only $29.99! I will definitely be buying this. Even if I don't have anyone to buy it for, I could always donate it or have my son make me some really cool things.

What does Lil Lockitz include?

Display Stand, Locket Tops and Backs, Necklaces, Bracelets, Keychain Clasps, Custom Charms, Backgrounds, Tweezers, Photo Stencil and Instructions.
3 AA Batteries required, batteries not included.
Recommended for children 5 years of age and older.

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