December 19, 2017

Life and everything in between...

Many of you have noticed my absence. It has not been on purpose. This past year was a rough one for my family and me. I have spent my time working two jobs to make ends meet, wrote a poetry book and landed a contract in which I had to pay to get made and now I don't even know if I can make those monthly payments because well, I am a single mother who needs to feed her kids and that comes before anything. We also just moved to a new town and it was quite the experience. I haven't had any time to by some groceries so it's been UberEATS for the past week. The drivers have been amazing! I have had some meaning conversations with them and it has made me think about joining the UberEATS team. I mean why not? The part-time job I'm working at will be closing in a few days and I need to make some extra money.
Just click on the pic or click here to join this awesome team of amazing people that have been bringing me and my kiddos food!

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