December 22, 2023

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last post but I am back. I have been slowly trying to get back into the mix of things and back to my blogging but it has been hard. Let me update you all again on what has been going on. I am still trying to move back to where I used to live 6 years ago because I cannot drive due to my surrent health issues. I had another child back in 2021 with a man I thought would be my forever after leaving an abusive man that I was with for 10 years back in 2016 but that man ended up leaving me for someone else and it took a toll on me. I fell into a deep depression right in the middle of my postpartum depression. During my pregnancy I also became diabetic. In the summer of 2022 I found out I was being cheated on and have been cheated on during my entire relationship with whom I thought was the absolute love of my life, would be my husband, and the father of my youngest daughter. That led my seizures that began happening in September of 2022 which has continued until now. I am hoping that this goes away, that I can move back home and get everything back to how it was. The place I had applied to ran a credit check and I don't know why if I had been a loyal tenant with them for the past 13/14 years and the property I am living in just was sold to someone else and not under them anymore. This is a lot to dump on all of you but sometimes things get real and we need to appreciate the things we have and fight for the ones we love and if there is no love there, just sit down with them and let them know instead of stringing them along. I am proud of all 3 of my kids and so happy to be their mother. Those kids are my heart and I will always be both their mother and their father and I will fight anyone who says anything different. I pray and hope that these seizures go away so I can get behind a wheel again and feel safe driving and feel confident driving. I pray and hope that I will no longer be diabetic. My kids need me and most importantly I need myself. Stay humble, stay healthy, stay aware, and remember to always stay loyal. I will start to begin posting more updates on recipes, budgeting, sales, etc, come the new year.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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