March 17, 2024

Sofrito Recipe

Sofrito is something from my culture that we use in a lot of our dishes. I wanted to share the recipe with all of my readers/followers. You will see that some of the dishes I have posted on here call for some sofrito, well here goes the recipe. I make it and I used to sell it and I may go back to that but as of right now, here is the recipe for those who want to make it at home. 


·  5 green peppers seeded and chopped

·  2 red peppers seeded and chopped

·  4 cubanelle peppers seeded and chopped

·  1 pack or about 12 aji dulce peppers seeded and chopped

·  5 cups Spanish onions chopped

·  1 cup of garlic chopped

·  1 bunch of recao chopped

·  1 bunch of cilantro chopped


1. Once everything has been rinsed and seeded, in

small batches blend them in either a food processor or blender. (They may have

to be done in batches. Onions are great on the bottom, they give off a lot of

liquid once blended.)

2. Refrigerate in a sealed container. Freeze in small containers extras that will not be used within the next two weeks

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